Ready, Set, Plan

Hello and Welcome!

Gardening season is coming fast upon us. Spring is fast upon us!  I have always looked at spring as a new renewal, a great time to look to the future and be full of hope with the warming sun and earth, it just makes sense.  Maybe that’s why I have loved gardening my entire life.  Here in Pennsylvania, zone 6, Mother Nature is just thinking about moving in  for the season.  It’s a time to really think ahead, I’ve long since looked at a bunch of seed catalogs and have gone through wish lists many times.  Now is the time to look through seed I have left over from last year and seed I’ve saved and decide what I need to order for this years garden.

There is so much to plant.  I’ve got my tried and trues, my must haves for recipes and preserving, my for fun plants, flowers for visual beauty, scent, and purpose.  And I always like to try something new, this year it’s something my mom loved and I will rekindle.  My herb garden and specifically herbs for tea.

Fun times ahead!  🙂


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