It’s Been a Long Time!

Hi there!

It’s been a while! Life sometimes has other plans. It’s nice to be back and ready to focus on writing and sharing my experiences with you.

Lots has been going on, the garden is growing, projects are progressing and being planned, chickens are adults and I feel comfortable with free ranging. One worry I had when I got chickens was how will they know to come back to the coop? I never got an answer to that question, but I learned they do indeed come back…on their own at bedtime! Funny how simple and basic things can hold you back.

That’s kind of what happened with my writing, family obligations and learning chickens, and gardening, and things put it on hold, but I feel I’m ready again now, and I’m excited, I have so many ideas, now to be able to implement. That’s not my strongest area…implementation, I’ll work on it. For now, it’s nice to be back, and like a chicken, I’ve figured out how to get back to the coop.

Exciting things to come!

’til later….have a great day.


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